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The solid fix for shaky video.


Camera_mount_cover_cropThe GoPro camera has revolutionized the way extreme sports participants see themselves and has allowed them to share their madness with others.  Racetrack riders love these tough little recording devices and the images that they capture.  For our sport, however, the main drawback to GoPro use is getting the camera properly mounted.  Vibration issues and difficulty in getting the camera aimed properly are major problems.  In many cases, GoPro cameras have fallen off the machines they were attached to and become on-track hazards!  Riders have long wished for a better mounting solution and, at last, one is available.  The Skutr.net Cycle Mount resolves every issue that we've encountered and allows a motorcycle-mounted GoPro camera to deliver the clean, crisp video that it is capable of.

The Skutr.net Camera Mount is the brainchild of Jeremy Decker, a Midwest-based racer and trackday rider.  He assessed the issues that made GoPro use so frustrating for racetrack riders and created a product that resolves them all.

Blocking off vibration

When using the adhesive mounts supplied with the camera, it's damn hard to get a GoPro mounted solidly enough that it doesn't vibrate.  A fairing or windscreen mounting position that seems solid in the pits is likely to flutter due to wind buffeting and engine RPM, causing the finished video to turn out jittery.  Many an awesome video has been ruined because it was just too shaky to enjoy.

A street bike's rearview mirror is larger and heavier than a GoPro and also catches more wind at speed, yet like the camera, the mirror must remain stable and vibration-free to be useful.  Racetrack riders remove their mirrors, which leaves a pair of factory-engineered mounting platforms available for camera use.  The Skutr.net Cycle Mount takes advantage of this, bolting to either of your track motorcycle's rearview mirror mounting points.  Also included in the Skutr.net kit is a matching mirror block-off plate for the other side of the fairing.  Both have a paint-saving, vibration-damping material on the bottom mounting surface.

Caution: Falling Camera Zone

If your GoPro bails out during a session, you've probably lost or destroyed a several hundred dollar piece of equipment.  Worse still, the loose camera becomes racetrack debris which might hit or distract another rider, go through a radiator or get under a tire.  GoPro-provided adhesive mounts really stay put if properly applied but we've seen plenty of instances where they weren't.  For the adhesive to work properly, the surface must be grease and wax-free, then once applied the mount has to be left undisturbed for 8 hours while the glue sets.  If you slap one on your freshly waxed bodywork during the lunch break and attach a camera to it immediately, you'll probably lose the rig on-track.   Sometimes, the glue is stronger than the surface to which it is applied.  We've seen GoPro mounts come loose from motorcycle bodywork by ripping the paint or fiberglass gel coat right off of fairings.  Also, the plastic hardware supplied by GoPro can crack pretty easily if over-tightened, which is exactly what you'll do when trying to stop the camera from vibrating!


The Skutr.net Camera Mount attaches to your bike with bolts, not adhesive.  It is constructed out of fiberglass-filled polycarbonate, which is much stronger than the plastic used by GoPro for their mounting system.  The metal bits are all stainless steel.  This is durable stuff, which can take a fair whack once it's been mounted to the bike.  We've broken more than one GoPro mount while loading and unloading motorcycles, something which we suspect will never happen with a Skutr.net Camera mount.  In fact, we'd speculate that you'll be far less likely to lose your camera in a tumble if it's attached to the bike with this product.

Working the angles

The most unique aspect of the Skutr.net Camera Mount is the fact that its base can rotate 360 degrees.  The latest fashion in modern sportbike design is all about strange, folded shapes and sharp, steep angles, as is demonstrated by the ZX10 Kawasaki in the accompanying photos.  GoPro's mounting kit allows you to adjust in two direction once the base has been attached.  Think up and down plus left and right.  This just isn't enough to get the camera aimed properly.  With Skutr.net's pivoting base, a third dimension is added to the adjustment range, thus allowing riders to get their cameras pointed exactly where they want them to be.


An incredible amount of thought has been put into this seemingly simple device.  It is stronger, more adjustable and less vibration-prone than the parts it replaces.  Because the Skutr.net Camera Mount includes a set of mirror block-off plates, you're actually getting a product that solves two problems with one purchase.  Something like this must be really expensive, right?  How does $49.95 sound?  We've certainly paid more than that for just a set of block-off plates and on many occasions, have paid at least as much to have yet another handful of GoPro plastic mounts and adhesive bases sent to us.  It's worth mentioning that an adhesive GoPro base, once attached, is there forever.  The Skuter.net Camera mount has slotted mounting holes which allow it to fit multiple bikes, and since it attaches with bolts instead of glue, it doesn't wind up getting thrown away if you destroy your bodywork or opt for a new paint job.  Not only is this product a brilliant design that solves a number of problems, it's also an economical, money saving device!  If you run a GoPro or are planning on getting one, you need a Skutr.net Camera Mount.  There's simply nothing else like it.

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