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Enough already!



Snowdrift_crashThe winter of 2013/2014 has been the worst that many of us can remember.  Brutal cold and endless snow have besieged the upper half of the country, while ice storms and uncharacteristic cold temps have plagued the South.  For too damn long, It's been too cold to ride, too cold to work in the garage and too hard just to get back and forth to the place where you earn your living.  As March becomes April, we're still seeing nighttime temps below freezing and flurries when we should be getting spring rain.  Polar Vortex my ass!  How about some of that Global Warming already?

The twelve-week weather emergency which has thus far been 2014 has really taken a toll on TrackdayMag.com.  This internet publication is a grassroots effort, with everyone involved putting in hours after their day jobs.  It's been so rough this winter that there just haven't been extra hours to devote to our beloved mag!  Yes, we've managed to slam together a half-finished GSXR750, then take it to NOLA and Barber for Sportbike Track Time's first two weekends of the year.  As you'll read in other articles soon to come, these trips weren't our usual success stories.  We'll admit now that they were acts of desperation, featuring none of the planning or attention to detail that usually characterize a TrackdayMag.com effort.  If our actions this winter were last minute and accomplished by the skin of our teeth, we blame it on cabin fever.  Hey, we're motorcycle addicts around here.   The longer we go without some quality knee time, the worse we need it.

So it's officially spring, on the calendar if not in the weather forecast.  At this point, living in the Midwest means that we're still above the Arctic Circle but there is hope.  A few weeks ago we ran at Barber Motorsports Park in glorious sunshine and sixty degree temps.  The grass was still brown and dead but flowers were starting to pop up in the track's beautiful gardens.  The backs of our necks turned pink with sunburn.  We got a room at a motel near a creek and come dawn were awakened by a strange, surreal sound.  Opening the door, we listened harder.  Frogs!

Soon, even those of us who spent the winter frozen in place will be able to fire up our trusty steeds and get in some two-wheeled therapy.  We at TrackdayMag.com can only hope that if you never made it south this winter, your off season at least involved better preparation and less time sliding on your butt than ours did.   Perhaps what we've lacked in common sense has at least generated a reasonable amount of comic relief.  The TrackdayMag.com motto has always been, "We crash so you don't have to!"  Hopefully, our efforts aren't going unappreciated.

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