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Legally Beautiful


Samantha "Sam" Benack is a beautiful woman.  Without a doubt, she could make her living as a model.

  That wouldn't begin to satisfy her, though.  This lady is every bit as smart as she is pretty.  Sam is a member of the Criminal Justice Officer Administration, has an associates degree in criminal justice and has been a paralegal/legal assistant for more than three years. Samantha3 


The legal grind could leave anyone feeling dirty.  Benack chooses to cleanse her soul by getting even dirtier!  Sam owns a seriously lifted Jeep and is an avid four-wheeler.  When she's not spinning her fat mudders, Sam makes amends to Mother Nature as a caretaker/landscaper for multiple residential properties in the St. Louis Country Club.


Modeling may not be what Sam does for a living but it sure is something she does plenty of!  Benack is a Trophy Girl for MCRA Racing. (The only trackday organization we know of that includes races and trophy girls in their program!)  She's also a Fan Girl for AM590 The Fan Sports Talk Radio, and was featured on the cover of the January, 2012 edition of Thunder Roads Midwest Magazine.  Benack is currently very involved with a new publication called Ride Hard Magazine, which is scheduled for launch in April, 2012.  Last year, Sam was a 2011 Big St. Charles Motorsports Calendar Girl and an iCandy Girl for 105.7 The Point.


Samantha4What else?  Sam told us, "I’m an animal lover, so in my spare time I volunteer at Stray Rescue of St. Louis.  I enjoy 4-wheeling my Jeep (or anything I can get my hands on), riding motorcycles, any water sport you can think of and of course I love being close with my family and friends."  She adds, "I have two Pitbulls that are the loves of my life!"


When you see a beautiful woman handing the winning trophy to a victorious racer, it's easy to assume that her assets are plainly visible.  Samantha Benack, like all the girls on the MCRA Trophy Girl squad, has far more going for her than just good looks.  One glance at her resume tells you that she's clearly capable of succeeding at anything she tries.

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