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Spyder Leatherworks mends hide and restores pride

Repaired_butt_cover_cropNothing gratifies the ego like a new set of leathers.  Yes, it's very important to be protected in a crash but when we put a new suit on for the first time, where do we immediately head?  Straight for the nearest mirror!  A crisp, bright, unsoiled and unblemished new armored racing skin makes you look good!  For as long as we manage to keep these spiffy duds from tumbling across the terra firma, wearing them will put a gleam in our eye and a swagger in our step.  Unfortunately, just a single asphalt surfing session can turn your beautiful leather Superman suit into a scarred, flapping, filthy sack of leather that's an embarrassment to wear.  Depending on the damage, it might not even be safe to use.  What to do?K3_back_damaged

Since 1996, Alexa Krueger, owner of Spyder Leatherworks, has been repairing racing suits.  She began this pursuit when her two passions collided.  Alexa was very much into theatre and costume making, having worked at that craft for more than fifteen years.  She also loved motorcycles and was a roadracer herself.  When it occurred to her that almost no one in the country was repairing, modifying or adding patches and logos to leather suits, she saw a way to make some money by combining her passions.  Alexa's graphics, some of which can be seen in the Spyder Leatherworks gallery, have become the stuff of legend at racetracks around the country.  In fact, her work has found its way to AMA podiums, club racing grids, trackday events and even the public roads.  If it's motorcycle gear and needs repair, alteration or customization, regardless of how or where it will be used, Spyder Leatherworks can do the job.

Repaired_leg_and_logoAs reported in the article "Crashed! Arlen Ness K12 Kangaroo Suit," we messed our Ness.  Putting this $1400 work of art on the ground was simply heartbreaking.  The K12 survived the incident quite nicely and protected our editor to the extent that he called his 90 mph fall and the ensuing 30 yard slide a "Featherbed crash."  K3_close_up_thigh_damageDamage to the incredibly resilient kangaroo hide was limited to minor scuffing.  There was also one small area on the leg where a seam ground through and opened up.  Cosmetically, in addition to the scuffed 'roo, the "Arlen Ness" callout on the right leg was reduced to tatters and several of the metal plates used to armor this suit's exterior at the joints had taken some scratches.  Having previously sent them much worse, we knew for sure that Spyder Leatherworks could repair the structural damage but what about the cosmetic issues?  Could our beloved K12 bone sack ever again be as pretty as it was before the get-off?

Spyder Leatherworks has the technology.  The shop's ability to restore cosmetic issues equals their work in the areas of repairing damage, doing alterations or adding lettering.   The Spyder has a secret weapon, which is Alexa's husband, Roger.  Roger Krueger has been a custom painter for 34 years and has at some point decorated pretty much anything that color will stick to.  This artisan has a huge bag of secret processes which he's figured out over the years.  If you're willing to pay a bit extra, once Alexa has sewn your gear back together, Roger can smooth out the scuffs and make your suit look new again.  Not only can he restore the look that your leathers or other gear had originally but, if you so desire, he can even change your color palette entirely.  This is an awesome way to revive an old but still functional suit, saving you big bucks over buying new just to resolve cosmetic issues.

Repaired_stretch_materialIn the case of our Arlen Ness suit, the Spyder solution included repairing, cleaning, recoloring, replacing damaged logos on the legs with new ones which read "TrackdayMag.com," and as a finishing touch, "K3" logos on the chest and, um....  Buttocks.  Upon close inspection,  telltale scratches in the suit's metal impact plates are the only giveaway that these leathers have ever hit the ground.  Not only has our Arlen Ness K12 Kangaroo suit been repaired and restored, it's also been customized.  While we're very glad that these leathers have been fixed functionally, we're simply overjoyed that this very expensive garment looks good once again.  What price pride?  That depends on how much repair and/or restoration your gear will need, along with how much bling you desire to add.  Because every job is unique, Alexa does quotes via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  As you'd expect, restoration is an extra process following repair, which will add to both the time and money required to finish your project.  Is it worth having your leathers refinished as well as repaired?  Prior to the Spyder treatment, every time that we put this suit on, we were reminded of an expensive day, brought about by a stupid mistake.  Now that it's fixed and beautiful once more, we've got our swagger back.  We'd call that priceless.

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