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Regular readers will have noted that Sidi’s Vortice and Vortice Air models, both of which

retail for $495, can be found on the feet of nearly every contributing member of the TrackdayMag.com team.  Sidi_latch_1We love these Italian boots for their protection, comfort and fit.  Years ago, Sidi invented the concept of Achilles tendon protection that has been copied throughout the motorcycle racing boot world.  The Vortice is at least the third generation development of this concept.  Other awesome features include armor, armor and more armor, ankle bracing, a shock-absorbing heel cup, soles that bend front-to-back but resist torsional flex, replaceable sole inserts (see article) and the unique Tecno II and Tecno VR systems, which employ ratchet adjusters, cables and hooks to allow each user to produce a custom fit.

Don’t you hate having to apologize for something that you love?  Previously, the one downside to owning Sidi Vortice boots has been that they were difficult to put on.  Now though, that problem has been solved.  The latches which fasten the calf and shin tensioners have been updated from hooks to snap-clips.  Previously, a well-practiced Vortice user would leave his boots adjusted from the last time he’d had them on and also keep the outer calf hook latched.  With luck, he’d manage to get the boot on and zipped without disturbing that latched outer hook and would then fasten the other three.  This less-than-impossible task was a pain, but every other aspect of the Vortice experience made the struggle worth it.  Now though, the new snap clips make this same task a breeze.  That formerly troublesome latch on the outer calf stays fastened unless you push a release button.  Likewise, the inner calf and shin tensioners are the same type of clip, needing only to be inserted into openings in the boot and pushed home.  You hear a click, which tells you that you’re locked in.  The instep latch has not been upgraded which isn’t a bad thing, since this portion of the boot has never been difficult to close.

Sidi_latch_2We’re thrilled to see that the one and only drawback to Sidi’s Vortice line has been so thoroughly resolved.  Now that these boots are as easy to put on as anything else on the market, the only reason not to make a pair your own is that you already have a set of the older style Vortices in your gear bag.  Guess what?  An awesome Sidi-exclusive feature is that every fastener and piece of armor on the boot can be replaced.  In this case, if you want the new latch system, it can be retrofitted!  Here’s the parts list to do a pair of boots:

VORTICE NYLON INNER SHIN PLATE 2 – black                      $35

VORTICE REAR UPPER BLACK                                                      $99

VORTICE CLIP CALF TENSIONER BLACK/RED                         $30

VORTICE 2011 SHIN TENSIONER - BLACK/RED                      $28

Sidi’s entire line of motorcycle boots, as well as a treasure trove of Sidi replacement parts, are available direct from their American importer, Motonation.Vortice_Air_updated

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