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The custom solution to your handlebar dilemma


IMG_9745In need of an alternative handlebar kit for your motorcycle?  If you find the current interface between your hands and your machine to be lacking, then Apex Manufacturing has a solution.  Apex Riser Clip-Ons, available in 3-inch and 4-inch versions, can transform your riding position from whatever it is now to something that better suits your individual needs or tastes.

Raising the "Standard"

The company has been making motorcycle clip-ons for 15 years, having begun their product line with parts aimed at the racing crowd.  Apex refers to their original product as Standard Clip-ons. Generally speaking, race style clip-ons offer billet aluminum clamps which attach to your forks, with replaceable aluminum handlebar tubes that slide into those clamps.  Apex improved upon this industry norm by making their tubes eight-way adjustable, allowing the purchaser to experiment with a set of Apex Clip-Ons to find the bar angle that works best for him or her.  This unique feature can be found across the rest of the company's clip-on lineup.

Apex_clipon_clampsRising to the Challenge

Supersport bikes, with their low factory clip-ons, are really uncomfortable on the open road.  Ironically, those same OEM bars are often higher than what racers would prefer for track use.  Sport Touring, Naked and Hooligan-style bikes place their riders in a sit-up position and generally don't offer a sporting enough bar position for track duty.  This is what inspired Apex to make a clip-on set which can be adjusted as desired, to suit the use that your machine is being put to on any given day.  Priced at $229.00 for the 3-inch kit and $269.00 for the 4-inch setup, these Riser Clip-Ons can be set racer low, touring high or at any point in between.  Aside from height, front-to-rear sweep can also be set to taste.  Like the Apex Standard Clip-Ons, bar angle is eight-way adjustable.  Essentially, these Riser Clip-Ons can be adjusted into whatever configuration of handlebar you want them to be on a given day, which in turn allows your motorcycle to be better suited to a wide variety of uses.

Torture Tested

Wondering how sturdy these Riser Clip-Ons are?  They've been tested extensively on racetracks and ridden for thousands of miles on the road.  In fact, the  3-inch Riser Clip-On kit has been Apex's top selling product since 2006.  Want testing that's even more extreme?   Tony Carbajal, an international-level motorcycle stunt rider who also works as a Hollywood stunt man and Canadian stunting pro Ryan Hawco have both been using Apex Riser Clip-Ons for more than two years now.

Quality and Fitment

The installation of an Apex Manufacturing 3-inch or 4-inch Riser Kit can result in a major transformation in rider comfort.  These professional grade products are made in the USA, to the same standards as the parts used in the  company's professional racing team.  They fit most motorcycles with fork tube diameters of 41mm to 55mm.  Currently, Apex MFG is in the process of making a new line of clamps that will fit forks as large as 58mm.  For applications where fork tubes smaller than 41 mm are used, Apex can custom-make reducing collars upon request.  Some motorcycles have OEM upper triple trees which can interfere with the Apex riser post and in this case, the Riser Clip-Ons won't work unless you can source a replacement upper triple that offers clearance. Got a cruiser with 1-inch diameter bars?  These are in the works and will be available in late 2014.

Apex_clipons_assembledFor most applications, your stock cables and brake lines will be of sufficient length.  Rerouting may be necessary to insure that there is no binding.  If you determine that longer brake lines are required, www.spiegler.com has a great educational video on calculating a new length.  The Apex riser posts come with two M5 threaded holes that can be used to relocate your front brake reservoir or mount electrical accessories.  A longer fluid hose might be required from the reservoir to the master cylinder.  If that is the case, be sure to use a tube that is resistant to brake fluid!  If your motorcycle has a fairing, you might not be able to use the full range of adjustment which a set of Apex Mfg Riser Clip-Ons can provide.

Whenever you set out to modify your personal motorcycle, you are your own tech inspector. It's important to note that if the new clip-ons in any way hinder steering, if the throttle cables bind or if the brake lines have any routing issues, then you have created a motorcycle which you will not be able to control.  The ease with which these or any set of aftermarket clip-ons can be installed depends entirely upon your ability to perform mechanical tasks.  Should you decide that the project is best handled by a professional, any shop which is an authorized dealer of Apex Manufacturing  products will be able to help you with installation.  Otherwise, most quality motorcycle repair shops should be able to install any of the Apex clip-on kits without breaking your wallet.


If you're using your motorcycle for racetrack duty, Apex Manufacturing  Brake/Clutch Lever Guards offer an excellent insurance policy in the event that you make contact with another motorcycle.  Street riders will like Apex's bar ends, which are custom-sized to work with the company's bar tubes, look really trick and offer a slight amount of vibration damping.  Bar extensions are available, which lengthen each tube by an additional inch.  Because Apex's bars are semi-hollow, internal aftermarket bar warmers of the type used by snowmobiles can be installed.  All Apex Manufacturing products are available in stock with an anodized black finish.  Occasionally, batches done in silver or blue by special order.  Any order placed through the Apex Manufacturing web site includes free UPS ground shipping in the USA. International orders have an additional shipping fee and the purchaser is responsible for any taxes or importation costs.

For dealer inquiries or to get more info on any Apex manufacturing product, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You can follow Apex online via Facebook as Apexmfg or Instagram as Apexmfg. Also check out www.tonystunts.com and www.hawcofreestyle.com

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