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Brand your bull


three_standsPop Shadow Decals is a Midwest success story that has managed to go from zero to everywhere you look in about three months.  Midwest racer and trackday coach Tea Palella decided one day that with the right machine, she could run a decal business.  Since then she's been wrapping everything that moves or doesn't move with custom decals, from number plates to helmet stickers.  Palella is even experimenting with swingarm wraps, which are intended to prevent the paint damage that is caused by boot heels when the rider hangs off for corners.  The product that we're featuring here is her Pit Bull wraps.

Pit Bull is far and away the leader in motorcycle Bartostands.  It seems that everybody in the paddock has a set, which is where the problems start.  As bikes come in and out of any given pit area, stands start getting mixed up.  Grab one that's adjusted for your buddy's bike instead of yours and you may just crash your own machine while trying to put it up on the stand!

The usual solution for personalizing a Pit Bull stand seems to be a piece of duct tape wrapped around the handle with the owner's name scrawled on it in Sharpie marker. The tape solution has been an ugly necessity until now.  Pop Shadow Pit Bull wraps offer a good looking way to personalize and customize your stands so that you can find them quickly.  These are specially made for each customer.  What they look like is totally up to you.  Best of all, they're affordable at just $20 per pair, so you can do both your front and rear stands for one low price.


To order, you can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or catch them on Facebook as Pop Shadow Decals.

Also, twitter @popshadowdecals

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