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Getting a handle on crash protection

Woodcraft_Bar_Slider_from_the_sideWoodcraft has made its name by manufacturing and selling super durable clip-ons, rearsets, frame sliders, engine armor and other race-bred items.  Their latest invention is bar-end sliders.  The purpose of this part is to allow your racing clip-ons to slide in a crash, rather than snag and bend.

Installation is very straightforward.  You need to remove the press-in plastic plug which is located in the end of most aftermarket handlebars. Then you insert the slider mount into the tube and tighten it.  The final step is to attach the slider puck with the provided through bolt.  a Bar-End Slider Kit costs $39.98, with replacement pucks going for $12.00 each.

We've installed a set of these on our Let the Good Times Race project Kawasaki ZX6R.  Woodcraft_Bar_Slider_from_aboveThus far, the sliders have not been crash tested.  Last year, we featured Woodcraft's Hand Guards on our Perfect Ten Project ZX10R.  Those have hit the ground a few times and we were surprised to discover that they really seemed to protect both the handlebar and the bodywork during a slide.  The new ZX6R project is equipped with both items and while we really don't want to hurt that pretty machine, we're confident that this combination will perform well if the worst happens. Look at it this way.  If these sliders protect a clip-on, a throttle tube, a handgrip, a brake lever or a switch housing from destruction in a crash, they will have paid for themselves.  More importantly, they'll have saved you the trouble of making a repair.  Depending on the depth of your spares kit, this might be the difference between continuing to ride or going home.  We consider Woodcraft Bar End Sliders cheap insurance.

For more info, see http://www.woodcraft-cfm.com/cgi-bin/commerce.cgi?display=home

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