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A stout little performer 


Moto-D Racing http://www.motodracing.com/ is well known among racetrack riders.  The company's main claim to fame is their tire warmers, which are incredibly durable, feature an outstanding warranty and offer excellent performance, all for a very reasonable price.  Moto-D offers many other products to enhance your trackday experience, including front and rear motorcycle stands.  Having just acquired a Triumph Speed Triple, we found ourselves in need of a single-sided swingarm stand and decided to give Moto-D's offering a try.


Build Quality

We're consistently impressed with the finish of Moto-D products.  The black and yellow color scheme used throughout the company's MotoD stand 2product line is easy on the eyes, looks professional and hides the grime which is produced by motorcycle brakes, chains and tires.  This robust rearstand came in two pieces, which we bolted together in moments using the supplied stainless steel hardware.  Welding, overall construction and powder coating were all top notch.  This is a piece of equipment that you'll be proud to own.  


Functionality Issue?

Upon trying to lift our bike with the stand, we immediately discovered that the handle couldn't be used in the forward-facing position on either side of the bike.  We checked with Moto-D and were informed that this product works on both sides of the bike but can only be used with the handle facing to the rear.  This came as a bit of a shock, since almost every other single-sided stand out there can be used with the handle facing either forward or rearward.  Soon though, the logic behind Moto-D's design became apparent.


Works where the competition can't

For a single-sided swingarm stand to be able to work in the forward position, its handle must be angled out and away from the motorcycleMotoD stand 1 to prevent it from striking various pieces of the bike during the lifting operation.  As a result, such a stand with the bike on it has a pretty wide footprint.  This is inconvenient when sharing space under a canopy at the track but becomes an absolute deal breaker if you want to perform motorcycle maintenance on any standard-sized motorcycle lift or table.  You simply can't use most forward-facing stands anywhere but on the ground.  Once we realized this, Moto-D's design made perfect sense.  Sure, they sacrificed a bit of convenience but in the bargain, what they created is the perfect stand for use in a cramped paddock setting or on top of a narrow work table.  As a final impressive touch, Moto-D put the crossbar of their stand just a quarter-inch off the ground by mounting the wheel axles at the top of the tube instead of in the middle.  Why?  If you've ever had a stand wheel skid off the edge of a work table, you know that what happens next is an instant and unpreventable tipover, which at best will only damage your motorcycle and not also trap you beneath the bike.  Because of its low slung cross tube, this simply isn't going to happen with the Moto-D stand.  How do we know?  We got several big guys into position and actually tried it.  The bike cocked slightly to one side but didn't even begin to fall off the table.  Absolutely brilliant. 



Over the course of our test, we've found that the Moto-D single-sided swingarm stand feels just right.  The amount of effort required to lift the motorcycle is exactly what it should be and once you go over center, the stand finishes the lift for you.  Once lifted, the bike's weight keeps the stand firmly pinned beneath it.  This rearstand is solid as a rock, even when bearing the combined load of an economy-sized rider sitting atop an economy-sized sportbike.  The axle pin is mounted in a pair of smooth-spinning ball bearings, so rotating the wheel for chain maintenance or tire warmer installation is no problem at all. 




Priced at $149.99 with a single axle pin, Moto-D's stand fits neatly into the middle of the price range for this type of equipment.  It's beautiful, functional and is safe to use on a work table.  In the paddock, it's the brand of single-sided rearstand that you're least likely to trip over when moving around your bike.  While the company offers this product with a limited lifetime warranty, you'd probably have to run the stand over with an Abrams tank if you wanted to do any damage to it.  Even in a shop setting, we'd expect this piece to last forever.  In short, it's absolutely worth the money.

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