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Xtreme Charge Motorcycle Battery Charger

Some things aren’t very exciting, right? Take a battery charger, for instance. You plug the charger into the wall, it hums, you shoot some sparks when you connect the clamps to your battery, and a wobbly needle on the charger tells you something about something, if indeed the fragile analog gauge still works at all. Well buddy, that was your father’s battery charger. The Xtreme Charger brings Dad’s buzzing box of diodes into the computer age.

As soon as you open the $99.95 Xtreme Charger’s box, you know the game has changed. The charger itself features a durable, attractive, yellow and black case made of thick plastic. The top of the charger sports a rather stunning array of idiot lights, and a full set of instructions is printed on the bottom of the charger. Idiot lights is an appropriate term in this case, because once this charger is put into action, those lights will make any idiot into a charging guru! Plug the charger in, and things start flashing and blinking so impressively that you figure you must have done something wrong. Relax though, because this is just the test mode. The Xtreme Charger will first determine if the idiot using it has connected the thing properly. If not, the lights will tell you what you did wrong. Connect the Xtreme Charger properly, and within a few seconds those lights will give you a rundown on the health of your battery. Almost instantly, you’ll know what percentage of charge your battery is holding, and whether or not you’ll be able to recharge it. If you’ve ever thrown your battery on charge the night before a trackday, said a prayer, and gone to bed unsure of what the morning would bring, this charger could be your new best friend. If your battery is junk, you’ll know NOW, while you’ve still got time to purchase a replacement and avoid running into town for a battery while your friends are out riding laps. So what if your battery is a good one? Here again, the Xtreme Charger outperforms Dad’s old buzz box. If your battery needs charging, the unit goes into pulse mode, a charging method designed to break up sulfate deposits and bring your battery to its peak level of performance. Once the battery reaches 100%, the charger switches into maintenance mode, and can be left attached indefinitely until you’re ready to ride. Best of all, the Xtreme Charger is provided with a handy fuse-protected quick-disconnect setup that can stay with your bike. Also provided is a fuse-protected set of the old-school brass clamps, in case you need to charge another vehicle, or want to loan the Xtreme Charger to your father…. All things considered, the Xtreme Charger is a very well designed and easy to use piece of equipment. Even your idiot buddy whose bike will never start when you get to his house could work this thing. If you ride motorcycles, you need one. In fact, buy two and give one to your idiot buddy. You’ll both get to ride more! For more info or to buy online, check out pulsetech.com

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