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The Roamer is a timeless motorcycle jacket, impervious to fashion fads. This instant classic can be worn off the bike due to its stylish design, yet it is still very much a motorcycle jacket at heart.This is emphasized by the use of CE-approved protectors at the shoulders and elbows and a pocket ready for a back protector insert upgrade.

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Roamer Leather Jacket
The new REV'IT! Roamer jacket is made out of special Max cowhide leather. This high quality dyed Nappa leather feels very soft, flexible and comfortable.

Max cowhide won't age or damage by wearing it, and the color will remain the same. It is very durable and highly abrasion resistant, therefore it is ideal for motorcycle garments. The combination of its stylish design, highly abrasion resistant leather and the use of CE-approved protectors ensures that you can look the part without compromising safety.

The right combination
With the right combination of REV'IT! products you can be stylish from head to toe and still be safe.

ombine the Roamer with our Campo jeans, or try the Lombard if you like a regular fit. The REV'IT! Rodeo shoes will keep you in style when it comes to protecting your feet.

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