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Fully featured, reasonably priced


For many years, T-Rex Racing has offered motorcycle stands and other parts which offer great bang for the buck.  It would be safe to say that this company's game plan is to skip the bling and offer sturdy, effective products at a very attractive price point. Previously, we tested the standard T-Rex Racing rear stand and found it to be a rugged, useful piece of equipment.  In fact, we have kept it in constant use both in our shop and at the track ever since.

T Rex no wheel crop 2Now that a Triumph Speed Triple has found its way into our lineup, we've been looking over the various single-sided rear stand designs which are available, to see which one best suits our needs.  The choices are many, ranging from minimalist to massive.  This T-Rex Racing piece is about as big as they come and built like it was intended to prop up an elephant.  Clearly, the company wanted their offering to be bulletproof and fully featured, to the extent where it wouldn't have to play second fiddle to anything the competition had to put against it. 

Handles Everything

The first thing you notice about this T-Rex Racing single-sided rear stand is its stout handle.  This muscular looking appendage offers 26 inches of bike-lifting leverage. The handle is reversible and has been shaped so that it offers sufficient clearance for the stand to be used on either side of the bike, while mounted either frontward or rearward.  This lifting bar features a rubber handgrip and a pair of rubber-tipped feet, which insure that no matter which way the handle is attached, it will rest on a sturdy, non-marring pressure point that also has a bit of roll-preventing friction to it. 

Wide Load

The wheels of this T-Rex Racing stand are a whopping 22 1/4 inches apart, which when combined with the T Rex 1huge, rubber-footed handle, makes the overall width more than 25 inches.  Thus far, we haven't seen any competing stand with a wider footprint and this results in a very stable design.  Truth be told, no stand made for a motorcycle equipped with a single-sided swingarm is ever going to seem as solid as one made for a dual-sided bike, but this one comes very close.

Pin it!

Various maintenance tasks make it desirable to be able to lift a bike equipped with a single-sided swingarm from either side.  Often, two differently sized axle pins are required to accomplish this.  Many companies will charge extra for the second pin but if you need it for the bike you specify, T-Rex Racing sends both for no additional fee.  There is a built-in holder on the handle to store the second pin, so it won't be lost when you need it.  As is more or less standard across the industry, T-Rex mounts the pin that the bike rests on when lifted in a pair of bearings, so that you can easily rotate the rear wheel when the bike is elevated.

Features Galore

There were some other parts included with the T-Rex Racing single sided swingarm stand which at first seemed gimmicky.  One device is a threaded rod equipped with a plastic retainer and a wing nut.  The intent T Rex accessoriesis that you would screw this into the lifting pin once the bike has been raised, thus making it impossible for the pin to unintentionally slide out of the rear axle.  We haven't seen this feature elsewhere and were doubting its usefulness until we thought about what might happen during a motor change.  How easy would it be to knock the bike off the stand then?   The second extra bit is a rubber-tipped rod which can be slid into place against a wheel spoke and locked with a thumb screw.  If you're thinking that this might be for holding the rim while you break the wheel nut loose, think again.  That much torque will flip the bike right off the stand, so you'd better use the time honored method of holding the rear brake lever down with a foot to hold the wheel if you're changing tires.  So what is that rod good for?  Have you ever started your bike on a cold morning and found that the rear wheel wanted to spin even though the transmission wasn't in gear?  Ever had that circumstance cause the cord of your rear tire warmer to get wrapped around the axle?  This rod will stop that from happening.  Of course, either of these accessories can be removed if you don't care to use them, however we can foresee times when we'll be glad to have both.  Brilliant.     

The Down Side

Nothing's perfect, right?  Well, there's not a lot to complain about here but we'll mention what we found.  First, such a big, honking monster of a stand is obviously going to weigh a ton and take up a lot of room in your trailer, though you can always unbolt the handle if you need to reduce the device's profile for transport.  T Rex wheel cropSecond, the same super wide footprint that makes this T-Rex Racing stand so stable also renders it unsuitable for use on a standard-sized motorcycle lift.  Finally, the gold anodized surface finish on the stand that we recieved, while thoroughly adequate, isn't quite as beautiful on close inspection as we've seen on certian more expensive brands.  Given T-Rex's price point, we wouldn't consider this a detriment, especially since after a year of hard use, the T-Rex will look as battered as any other stand in the paddock.


T-Rex Racing has really outdone themselves with this design.  It might be the most innovative thing in their catalogue.  We've been testing the stand at the track and in the shop for a few months now and have come to respect how well this piece of equipment does its job.  The stand's strength, stability, utility and list of features would make it a winner at whatever price they decided to ask for it.  What really amazes us is that you can have a T-Rex single-sided rear stand for just $129.95 in black powder coat, or $139.95 in a gold anodized finish.  At that price point, it's really a great deal. 

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