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Elite Sportbike is a Southern trackday provider with events at Barber, Carolina Motorsports Park, Little Talladega, Nashville Speedway and Roebling Road. They offer a three-group format with beginner instruction and coaching available at all levels. Come on by for some high-speed Southern Hospitality! http://www.elitesportbike.com/

Motovid Located on the Illinois/Wisconsin border, Motovid holds a trackday on the third Wednesday of each month at Blackhawks Farms Raceway. Coaching staff for these events is drawn from the cream of the Midwest racing community and the emphasis is on assisting riders of all levels to become faster and safer. http://www.motovid.com

Moto Series Formerly Fasttrax, this company provides trackdays, a racing series and rider schools. Their programs cater to every level of rider from street to expert racer. http://www.MotoSeries.com

Sportbike Track Time STT offers trackdays at Many of America's best venues, with affiliated clubs that stretch their coverage nationwide. An STT signature is their highly focused Novice program which eases a beginner's transition into the sport. Members can also purchase discounted parts and gear through Sportbike Track Gear. http://sportbiketracktime.com/


AMA Pro Roadracing http://www.amaproracing.com/

Championship Cup Series (CCS) http://www.ccsracing.us/

MotoGP http://www.motogp.com

Moto Series http://www.MotoSeries.com

WERA http://www.wera.com

World Superbike http://www.worldsbk.com


Aprilia http://www.apriliausa.com

Ducati http://www.ducatiusa.com

Honda http://powersports.honda.com/

Kawasaki http://www.kawasaki.com/home/home.aspx

Suzuki http://suzukicycles.com/

Triumph http://www.triumph.co.uk/usa/

Yamaha http://www.yamaha-motor.com


Bazzaz For AMA-spec fuel injection reprogrammers, quick shifters, timing retard and top speed eliminators, self-tuning modules and traction control, Bazzaz is the only company that offers it all. Why piece your electronics together when you can have an intigrated, race proven package from one source? http://www.bazzaz.net/bz1/

XT Racing This company offers several styles of lap timer, as well as the GPX Pro Data Aquisition system. MotoGP tech for the common man! http://www.xtracing.com/en/index.php


Muc-Off Superb cleaners, lubricants and garage supplies engineered specifically for your motorcycle. Proud sponsor of Rizla Suzuki http://www.muc-off.com/

Stealth Workshop An incredibly innovative way to store, carry and use your tools. Specifically desigened for motorcycle use and perfect for the racetrack environment. http://www.stealthworkshop.com/default.asp


Alpinestars Offering leather racing suits, jackets, gloves, boots and casual clothes, Alpinestars is one of the best recognized names in the sport. http://www.alpinestars.com/store/alpinestars_moto.html

Arlen Ness Professional quality race suits. Ness also features female-specific gear that is built with zero compromise. http://www.arlenness.com/c-1304-leather-suits.aspx

Crush Leathers Advertising factory rider quality for every rider, Crush offers custom order and off the rack leather racing suits, street jackets, gloves and more http://www.crushleathers.com/

Dragon Rider North America Premium Leather and Textile Motorcycle Jackets, Gloves and Accessories. www.dragonriderusa.com

Komodo A Texas company offering suits, boots and gloves specifically designed to survive in the racetrack environment. Komodo uses Full Grain leather in their suits instead of the Top Grain leather used by most companies. This makes their suits stronger. http://www.komodogear.com/

MOTO-D Racing designs and manufactures Performance Riding Motorcycle Undersuits and Base Layers. Their undersuit will keep you Cool during summer heat while allowing your leathers to slide on or off with ease. When it's cold out, use their wind blocking baselayer to keep Warm without bulk and riding all year round. www.motodracing.com

Sidi Boots and Gloves Motonation is the official American distributor of Sidi http://www.motonation.com/


Cranky Ape.com is an online auction house that sells insurance salvage and bank repossessed motorcycles, RVs and other powersports toys. Proud sponsor of the TrackdayMag.com Salvage Sweetheart series! http://crankyape.com/

Superbike Suspension Owner Ken Hall is a Certified Ohlins Technician who has tuned at the AMA level. This shop can handle your every suspension need from rebuilt stock to full race. http://www.superbikeitalia.com/

GP Tech LLC This company makes and also imports some of the finest motorcycle racing parts that money can buy. AMA teams shop here. You can, too. http://www.gptechllc.com/index.htm


Chicagoland Bikers (CLB) A forum dedicated to street and track riders of Chicagoland area. http://www.chicagolandbikers.com

Chicacoland Sportbikes (CLSB) A forum dedicated to the Chicago street, trackday and racing scenes. http://www.chicagolandsportbikes.com/

Florida Sportbikers Covers the Florida street, trackday and racing scene. JenningsGP locals hang out in the Brokeazz Trackdays section. http://www.floridasportbikers.com/

Chicago Riders Street, track and stunting are covered on this forum. STT Midwest Region riders and coaches often post up in the trackday threads here. http://www.chicagoriders.com/

NekkidRiders.com A national motorcycle club based in Lexington Kentucky. Street, Group Rides, Tracks, Stunts, Maintenance, Gear and Safety are some of our specialties. http://www.nekkidriders.com/

BadWeatherBikers A forum dedicated to Buells and their riders. There are seperate sections for the early tube frame bikes, the XB series and the 1125R and CR, as well as outher departmnets including Buell racing. If you're feeling Buellish, this is a good site to visit. http://www.badweatherbikers.com/

Daytona Sportbikes Daytona Beach's Sportbike Community. Group rides, trackdays and hangouts, as well as race reports and plain old motorcycle bench racing. http://www.daytonasportbikes.com/


Race Tech Manufactures and sells revalve kits for forks and shocks, 25 mm cartridge kits and racing shocks; as well as tools, parts and supplies. http://www.racetech.com/page.aspx?id=53&menuid=61

Elka This Canadian company produces racing shocks and fork revalve kits http://www.elkasuspension.com/?q=node/40


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