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No sweat!


Hang_Dry_seals_neckSweat is the enemy of leather.  Provided you don’t crash it to death first, your racing suit will eventually be cured into colorful beef jerky by the salts in your perspiration.  Another possibility is that your leathers will become so stinky that you just can’t bear to wear them any more.  You might think that the vile aroma is old B.O. but what’s really going on is a science project growing in your suit.  Damp leather is the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.  Yuck!  Toss a few sets of ripe, sweat or rain-soaked leathers into your enclosed trailer for a week and when you next open the door, you’ll think a raccoon died in there!

Adrenaline City Racing has the solution.  It’s called Hang-Dry.  Jumping right to the conclusion; this thing is brilliant!  Six years of development has gone into the product.  It is the brainchild of Tom Levy, a CCS racer who has twenty-plus championships and many years of coaching for NESBA and TeamProMotion to his credit.  In the real world, Tom is a certified diver who has worked on nuke plants.  The same issue of damp moldy gear that we racetrack riders face applies to diving suits as well.  Owning both types of equipment and unimpressed with the performance of other products he’d tried, Tom set out to create a solution of his own.  

Divers don’t compromise with their gear, since a failure when 100 feet down means never seeing daylight Stout_Hang_Dry_blows_Lagunaagain.  This ethos is evident in the design of the Hang-Dry which is top-spec in every aspect. The five-blade fan flows 250 cubic feet per minute.  That’s about as much air as you’d find inside a full-sized cargo van rushing through your suit every sixty seconds. Its electric motor is brushless, runs in ball bearings and lives inside a housing machined from billet aluminum.  The stout, vented hanger body is molded from thick, tough plastic.  There’s nothing cheap or cheesy about this product.

Adrenaline City Racing claims that twenty minutes is all it will take to dry a sweaty suit with their invention.  Since we were having trouble finding a sweaty suit in Chicago during February, we instead grabbed the most perforated suit we could find, hung it and plugged in the Hang-Dry to see what would happen.  As reported last summer, our AGV Sport Laguna flows more air when in use than any other suit we’ve tested.  Its perforated torso and legs, breathable Keprotec stretch material and ram air ducts provide thousands of opportunities for air to flow through the suit.  With the Hang-Dry humming away, we ran our hands over the Laguna and were amazed to feel strong jets of air pouring out of every perforation and scoop.  In spite of this, there was still substantial flow coming out of the suit’s wrist and ankle openings.  We’d figured that the extreme ventilation of the Laguna would make it an unfair test for the Hang-Dry.  We were wrong!

The Hang-Dry performs as promised but the story doesn’t end there.  Remember that this piece was designed by a racer.  Knowing the paddock environment where it would be used, Levy blessed his product with track-friendly features.  The Hang-Dry’s cord is a full twelve feet long, which will likely allow you to reach a power source without the need for an extension cord.  Worried that your generator won’t pull this fan while running tire warmers?  The motor requires a mere three amps to get the blades spinning and once running, it draws a measly .5 amp in use.  Your genny won’t even know it’s plugged in.  There’s a stout grab handle integrated into the design to help you hoist your leathers up when hanging them.  If you were willing to take them off and put them on the Hang Dry between sessions, you could literally start every ride in dry leathers.  Best of all, by rearranging your routine just a bit, you can blow out your leathers at the end of the weekend while you’re loading the rest of your gear.  If you pack your suit last, it will be dry for the trip home.  Because this device's construction is so robust, you can also use the Hang-Dry to suspend your suit in the trailer during transport.  Finally, an end to broken coat hangers…

Hang_Dry_with_suitsAvailable in black or blue, the Hang-Dry sells for $170.00.  If you’re thinking, “Wow! That’s a lot of money for a coat hanger with a fan in it,” you’ve completely missed the point.  This device is built to outlast your involvement in the sport, prolongs the life of your expensive leather suit and will vastly increase your comfort during hot or wet weather.  This translates directly into better rider performance.  Plus that, you won’t have to smell like a pile of rotting garbage every time you put your leathers on.  Pictures just don’t do the Hang-Dry justice.  Once you’ve experienced the device in action, you’ll want one for yourself.  Many products are more hype than substance but as far as we’re concerned, the Hang-Dry is absolutely worth its purchase price.  It’ll blow you away!  

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