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Surprising fit and serious protection

GauntletMotorcycle gloves are among the most complicated garments in the world.  Ideally, they should provide maximum flexibility and comfort, yet at the same time be packed with protective armor in every vulnerable area.  These two missions conflict with one another, so any motorcycle glove turns out to be a compromise.

Version One Tested Tough

We have two pairs of RSpeed's original version Gamma that have each seen three seasons of use.  One pair survived a 100mph+ highside crash, suffering only spots of road rash and without so much as a pulled thread. They are still structurally intact and other than being dirty and scuffed, show no signs of wear at all.  It is especially noteworthy that after all this time, neither pair of RSpeed gloves has stretched or become loose from sweat or rain riding.  We've found this Knuckleto be a real problem with other brands we've tested.  Once gloves start to move around your hand or bunch up in your palm, control is compromised and your safety is at stake. For what a good pair of gloves costs, if you don't destroy them in a crash you expect them to last a long while.  RSpeed has passed this test.

The New Gamma

Through clever design, testing and evolution,  RSpeed has developed a new Gamma glove that exceeds its predecessor in comfort and protection.  At the core of the design is a very slim, hand-hugging chassis.  This was accomplished by creating individual protection zones that form-fit different parts of the hand.  In areas less likely to see abrasion, Schoeller Keprotec stretch material is used in a three layer sandwich to tie the armored sections together.  The brilliance of this strategy is that the entire glove is slightly stretchy yet still fully protective.  It fits perfectly right out of the package and will continue to do so for years to come.  At a glance, RSpeed's offering looks somewhat old school.  Upon closer study, the design offers as much or more protection with far less bulk than you'll find in the competition's "boxing glove" or "alien hand" styles.

PalmOn Your Hands

What sets these Gamma gloves apart for us is their slim, comfortable fit.  The incorporation of Keprotec into the design means that every rider gets a custom fit. we are very impressed by the wrist closures of these RSpeed gloves.  The triple wrist strap is simply never going to open unless you physically do so yourself.  This gauntlet-style cuff features very aggressive Velcro and is padded as well to protect all those fragile little wrist bones from taking a whack.  An utterly redundant wrist strap further insures that nothing short of a paramedic's scissors will take this glove off your hand without your consent.  In high impact areas, there are as many as four layers of abrasion-resistant material between your skin and the asphalt.  Patches of real and synthetic leather combine with carbon fiber and plastic to give your hands plenty to slide onKeprotec in a tumble.  The original Gamma gloves had very effective armor to protect the vulnerable scaphoid bone.  This has been updated in the new Gamma to the even more effective Scaphoid Protective System, which is supplied by noted body armor manufacturer Knox.


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