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GPtech llc is proud to announce a new product line of lever protectors.

GPTechP4080246CompThe lever protector is designed to protect the brake lever ball end from contact with other riders (during close racing).

Part description:  A handlebar mounted perch fixes a protective bar under the master cylinder.  The bar resides under the lever then sweeps up to protect the ball end.  Adjusting the angle of the bar or the angle of the holder will give more or less clearance.  Bar length and ball location is adjustable and locks in place.

The concept was designed and developed in house by GPtech llc.  Once a working prototype was completed AMA Pro was contacted to determine if the part would comply with existing rules and safety demands.  AMA Pro provided feedback in order to meet requirements for competition.   Durability, strength and function were met and a refined design was implemented.  The first production parts were installed on Latus Racing HD XR1200’s and competed in this year’s Daytona race.

Protectors are available for most aftermarket master cylinders, oem master cylinders and all modern sportbikes including H-D XR1200 applications.

More information is available GPtech llc 269-671-4915 www.gptechllc.com This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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